Gratuity Information

For those interested in knowing what are the usual gratuity practices for our personal chefs, here is some information as to what we have found most often practised, in our experience.

For Special Events
We do not include gratuity in our pricing, because we believe that that should be solely up to the customer. You may or may not add a tip, depending on your wishes, as it is not required. When we do receive a gratuity, it is usually in a manner consistent with a restaurant.

For Weekly Meals
We do not usually receive tips for weekly services, though occasionally the first service day may inspire an initial thank you. An annual year-end or Christmas bonus is traditionally a way to thank our chefs for their hard work during the year. This may be one week’s fee or any amount you might feel is appropriate for your situation.

For Gift Certificates
When purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one, you may wish to add a gratuity for the chef in the purchase price. In this case, we will be sure to refuse any additional tip from the recipient if they offer, informing them that you have taken care of everything.