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“I would highly recommend Chef Teri’s services. She was such a delight to work with, providing me with a range of menu options that fit my needs perfectly; and did so in a rushed time frame. Having her cook for my dinner party was wonderful; the food was delicious, she and her staff were courteous and polite, and they left my kitchen cleaner than when they had arrived. Best of all, I was able to relax and enjoy myself, and not worry about getting the food prepared and on the table. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!”

– Kelley, University Park, Dallas

“Chef Teri really helped me out in a bind.  I’m a mother of 2 under 2.5 and was traveling to another state for the first time with both of my children.  I am a bpa-free, gluten free, nitrate free, microwave free, goat/sheep dairy cooking Mommy and my Texan in-laws are into frozen foods, caramel coloring, nitrates, spam, high fructose, lots of sugar, etc.  The last thing I wanted to do was travel with toddlers and then go grocery shopping and cook for my family and my in-laws in a strange kitchen.  Chef Teri was incredibly easy to work with, creative with her menus, prompt and reasonable.  Her meals exceeded all of our expectations (even my in-laws).  She made it so my family and I could actually have a vacation.  My children gobbled her coconut bars and peanut butter granola bars like they were candy and we could feast on her carrot and coriander soup for days.  Chef Teri is a mother’s dream, and I highly recommend her to help you and your family out not just for a one-time meal but for an entire week.  She and her cooking are decadent and leave you wanting more.”

– Brooke, Los Angeles, CA (formerly handled public relations for Cooking.com, Hotel Le Bristol-Paris, La Boheme-West Hollywood, Grey Goose Vodka, Bombay Saphire, The Ritz-London)

“I contacted Teri via email through her website.  This was my only means of contact as I was deployed to Afghanistan.  She got back to me within 24 hours.  I was interested in using her services for my wife’s birthday.  She was very accommodating to my requests and made recommendations when I needed them.  I requested Thai cuisine and Teri really nailed it.  My wife was completely surprised.  She and my neighbors enjoyed the meal and the service immensely.  I plan on using Teri’s services when I return from deployment in Jan. 2014.  The only issue I have is trying to top this year’s birthday next year.”

– Rob, Waxahachie via Afghanistan

“The whole family loved the food Chef Teri prepared and my husband and I loved the service. The food was delicious and Chef Teri was able to alter all dishes to our very specific dietary needs. We love a very wide variety of ethnic foods, from Thai, Indian to Italian and Chef Teri was able to cook all of them. It was especially nice to see the preparation from start to finish and the kitchen looked like she had never been there when she was done, but the house smelled delightful!”

– Denise, “M” Streets, Dallas

“Chef Teri cooks wonderful meals for us in our home. She can achieve delicious results with unusual ingredients (e.g. kale, chard or quinoa). She has also cooked for a couple of our small dinner parties (12 guests) and two large parties (80 guests). All the food was on time, delicious and presented well. We are fans.”

– Bob, White Rock Lake Area, Dallas 

“Our church Seniors Group hired Chef Teri to cook for our 2012 Christmas Dinner.  She served 50 people with a delicious, fresh and healthy meal!  The Chicken Roulade was extra special.  I heartily recommend ‘JUST EATS’ for in home dining or a special dinner party!!”

– Helen, The Scofield Adventurers, Dallas

“Teri has been the provider for several meals which I have eaten ranging from an intimate dinner party to large church wide gatherings. The food she prepares is pleasing to the eye and to the palate, and I would recommend her culinary skills to anyone with an appetite, and that includes everyone. Her crème brulee was the best I have ever eaten with the sugar glaze perfectly crusted and the custard soothingly cooled.  Give Teri a try for your next meal.”

– Glenn, Lochwood Area, Dallas

“Chef Teri makes the best Tomatillo-Cilantro Enchiladas! I could eat them everyday! She knows I don’t like vegetables, but that I also want to eat healthier, so she sneaks some in and I never know they’re there. Chef Teri is great!”

– Joan, Northeast Dallas