Soufflé Magic!

I got a request for chocolate soufflé for a dinner party. I had never made one, and so after blithely agreeing to it for my client, I asked around to my culinary pals for advice and tips. Everyone told me it wasn’t a good idea, that they are difficult and capricious creatures, given to failure for the slightest reason, or for no reason at all. Needless to say, I was not filled with confidence. I looked for a recipe on my regular go-to site, (This site has given me the best recipes over the years. I always go there first.) I found a recipe that looked promising, and relatively simple to make. I gave it a go, and it came out perfect! Imagine my delight, when looking through the oven window, I watched it rise, slowly but steadily up, up until it was as tall out of the dish as it was in. It was like magic! When I ate that trial, it was light and airy and chocolaty! So good! When I made it, for the client’s dinner party, it came out perfectly again. So thankful that it’s not as difficult as I was lead to believe. Or maybe I’m just that awesome. ☺ Who knows…

chocolate souffle

Chocolate Souffé