Chef Drew

My hat holds many feathers within my friends and family…landscaper, event coordinator, and most importantly, chef!  I was born and raised in the Dallas metroplex.  As one of 40+ grandchildren, I grew up surrounded by an extended family where food was a focal point for all gatherings.

While pursuing my undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin, I stumbled upon my true passion, cooking.  I cut my teeth at some of the most tried and true Tex-Mex icons in the state capital.  While residing there, I was also introduced to the magic of braising, smoking and curing of meats.  This continues to be one of my passions, pushing me to compete in local and statewide competitions.  However, my primal joy of open fire pits and pigs on a spit should not overshadow my grasp of the finer points of a kitchen.  I am trained in classic French technique and have gained experience in new American cuisine.

Over a decade in the food service industry has taught me countless tricks of the trade and honed my chef skills.  Additionally, due to my wife’s dietary guidelines, I’ve learned to “fry” without oil, “sweeten” without sugar and “mash” without carbs.  My friends and family have all been subject to endless recipe testing, but they’ll never complain!  I am ignited by opportunities such as opening the eyes of my old school “meat and potatoes” Grandma to the mouthwatering appeal of miso sea bass and duck foie gras.

After gaining experience in multiple aspects of the culinary industry, I am excited to take the next step as a chef with Chef Teri at Just Eats DFW.  To me, food is a constant that will always be more than just a necessity.  It is the glue that brings people together – it fills both the stomach and the heart!

Sous Vide, Flame Seared NY Strip

Sous Vide, Flame Seared NY Strip, Sliced

Chicken Pad Thai