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LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Free-Range, Grass-Fed
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Steak
LoveLikeHateTry Roast
LoveLikeHateTry Ground Round
LoveLikeHateTry Ground Sirloin
LoveLikeHateTry Tenderloin
LoveLikeHateTry Liver
LoveLikeHateTry Chops
LoveLikeHateTry Roast
LoveLikeHateTry Tenderloin
LoveLikeHateTry Ribs
LoveLikeHateTry Bacon
LoveLikeHateTry Ham
LoveLikeHateTry Ground
LoveLikeHateTry Chili
Other Meats
LoveLikeHateTry Veal
LoveLikeHateTry Lamb
LoveLikeHateTry Meatloaf
LoveLikeHateTry Sausage
LoveLikeHateTry Buffalo
LoveLikeHateTry Goat

Comments about Meats:

LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry White Meat
LoveLikeHateTry Dark Meat
LoveLikeHateTry Ground
LoveLikeHateTry Chili
LoveLikeHateTry Sausage
LoveLikeHateTry White Meat
LoveLikeHateTry Dark Meat
LoveLikeHateTry Ground
LoveLikeHateTry Chili
Other Poultry
LoveLikeHateTry Cornish Game Hen
LoveLikeHateTry Pheasant
LoveLikeHateTry Duck
LoveLikeHateTry Quail

Comments about Poultry:

LoveLikeHateTry Sustainable
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Wild-Caught
LoveLikeHateTry Farm-Raised
LoveLikeHateTry Bass
LoveLikeHateTry Snapper
LoveLikeHateTry Salmon
LoveLikeHateTry Swordfish
LoveLikeHateTry Halibut
LoveLikeHateTry Tilapia
LoveLikeHateTry Tuna
LoveLikeHateTry Flounder
LoveLikeHateTry Sole
LoveLikeHateTry Cod
LoveLikeHateTry Mahi Mahi
LoveLikeHateTry Trout
LoveLikeHateTry Catfish
Other Seafood
LoveLikeHateTry Shrimp
LoveLikeHateTry Scallops
LoveLikeHateTry Clams, Mussels, Oysters
LoveLikeHateTry Crab
LoveLikeHateTry Lobster
LoveLikeHateTry Octopus, Squid
LoveLikeHateTry Tuna, Canned in Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Tuna, Canned in Water
LoveLikeHateTry Salmon, Canned in Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Salmon, Canned in Water
LoveLikeHateTry Anchovy, Canned in Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Sardines, Canned in Oil

Comments about Seafood:

LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
Fresh Greens
LoveLikeHateTry Romaine
LoveLikeHateTry Red Leaf
LoveLikeHateTry Bibb
LoveLikeHateTry Mixed Greens
LoveLikeHateTry Baby Greens
LoveLikeHateTry Arugula
LoveLikeHateTry Spinach
LoveLikeHateTry Sorrel
LoveLikeHateTry Radicchio
LoveLikeHateTry Endive
LoveLikeHateTry Frisée
LoveLikeHateTry Pasta Salad
LoveLikeHateTry Tuna Salad
LoveLikeHateTry Salmon Salad
LoveLikeHateTry Chicken Salad
LoveLikeHateTry Jello Salad
LoveLikeHateTry Salad as Entree
LoveLikeHateTry With Chicken
LoveLikeHateTry With Beef
LoveLikeHateTry With Turkey
LoveLikeHateTry With Fish

Comments about Salads:

Salad Dressings
LoveLikeHateTry Honey Mustard
LoveLikeHateTry Ranch
LoveLikeHateTry Blue Cheese
LoveLikeHateTry Vinaigrette
LoveLikeHateTry Balsamic Vinaigrette
LoveLikeHateTry French
LoveLikeHateTry Thousand Island
Other (name type):

Comments about Salad Dressing:

LoveLikeHateTry Creamed
(name favorite type of creamed soup):

LoveLikeHateTry Hot
LoveLikeHateTry Cold
LoveLikeHateTry Chunky
LoveLikeHateTry Clear
LoveLikeHateTry Soup as Entree

Comments about Soups:

LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Peas
LoveLikeHateTry Green Beans
LoveLikeHateTry Broccoli
LoveLikeHateTry Asparagus
LoveLikeHateTry Green Peppers
LoveLikeHateTry Green Cabbage
LoveLikeHateTry Pea Pods
LoveLikeHateTry Green Onions
LoveLikeHateTry Celery
LoveLikeHateTry Swiss Chard
LoveLikeHateTry Kale
LoveLikeHateTry Cucumber
LoveLikeHateTry Zucchini
LoveLikeHateTry Bok Choy
LoveLikeHateTry Mustard Greens
LoveLikeHateTry Collard Greens
LoveLikeHateTry Artichokes
LoveLikeHateTry Kohlrabi
LoveLikeHateTry Okra
LoveLikeHateTry Snap Peas
LoveLikeHateTry Snow Peas
LoveLikeHateTry Brussels Sprouts
LoveLikeHateTry Fresh Corn
LoveLikeHateTry Wax Beans
LoveLikeHateTry Yellow Squash
LoveLikeHateTry Yellow Beets
LoveLikeHateTry Yellow Peppers
LoveLikeHateTry Spaghetti Squash
LoveLikeHateTry Tomatoes
LoveLikeHateTry Red Cabbage
LoveLikeHateTry Red Beets
LoveLikeHateTry Red Peppers
LoveLikeHateTry Carrots
LoveLikeHateTry Sweet Potatoes
LoveLikeHateTry Acorn Squash
LoveLikeHateTry Butternut Squash
LoveLikeHateTry Pumpkin
LoveLikeHateTry Potatoes
LoveLikeHateTry Parsnips
LoveLikeHateTry Water Chestnuts
LoveLikeHateTry Bean Sprouts
LoveLikeHateTry Onions
LoveLikeHateTry Shallots
LoveLikeHateTry Turnips
LoveLikeHateTry Rutabaga
LoveLikeHateTry Mushrooms
LoveLikeHateTry Leeks
LoveLikeHateTry Fennel
LoveLikeHateTry Radishes
LoveLikeHateTry Jicama
LoveLikeHateTry Daikon Radish
LoveLikeHateTry Black
LoveLikeHateTry Pinto
LoveLikeHateTry Kidney
LoveLikeHateTry Lima
LoveLikeHateTry White
LoveLikeHateTry Butter Beans
LoveLikeHateTry Chili
LoveLikeHateTry Chickpeas
LoveLikeHateTry Hominy
LoveLikeHateTry Lentils
LoveLikeHateTry Mung
LoveLikeHateTry Edamame
LoveLikeHateTry Black-Eyed Peas
LoveLikeHateTry Jalapeño
LoveLikeHateTry Serrano
LoveLikeHateTry Habanero
LoveLikeHateTry Eggplant
LoveLikeHateTry Olives
LoveLikeHateTry Capers
LoveLikeHateTry Pickles
LoveLikeHateTry Pickled Artichoke
LoveLikeHateTry Avocado
LoveLikeHateTry Apple
LoveLikeHateTry Pear
LoveLikeHateTry Peach
LoveLikeHateTry Banana
LoveLikeHateTry Orange
LoveLikeHateTry Lemon
LoveLikeHateTry Lime
LoveLikeHateTry Cherry
LoveLikeHateTry Blueberry
LoveLikeHateTry Strawberry
LoveLikeHateTry Raspberry
LoveLikeHateTry Blackberry
LoveLikeHateTry Kiwi
LoveLikeHateTry Grapefruit
LoveLikeHateTry Kumquat
LoveLikeHateTry Nectarine
LoveLikeHateTry Plum
LoveLikeHateTry Mango
LoveLikeHateTry Pineapple
LoveLikeHateTry Papaya
LoveLikeHateTry Watermelon
LoveLikeHateTry Honeydew
LoveLikeHateTry Cantaloupe
LoveLikeHateTry Rhubarb
LoveLikeHateTry Other Fruit
(name type):

Comments about Produce:

LoveLikeHateTry Non-GMO
LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry White
LoveLikeHateTry Brown
LoveLikeHateTry Wild
LoveLikeHateTry Red
LoveLikeHateTry Black
LoveLikeHateTry Basmati
LoveLikeHateTry Long-Grain
LoveLikeHateTry Quinoa
LoveLikeHateTry Wheat Berries
LoveLikeHateTry Barley
LoveLikeHateTry Grits
LoveLikeHateTry Polenta
LoveLikeHateTry Millet
LoveLikeHateTry Kamut
LoveLikeHateTry Oats
LoveLikeHateTry White
LoveLikeHateTry Whole Grain
LoveLikeHateTry Gluten-Free

Comments about Grains:

Herbs and Spices
LoveLikeHateTry Oregano
LoveLikeHateTry Sage
LoveLikeHateTry Basil
LoveLikeHateTry Rosemary
LoveLikeHateTry Tarragon
LoveLikeHateTry Cilantro
LoveLikeHateTry Parsley
LoveLikeHateTry Thyme
LoveLikeHateTry Chives
LoveLikeHateTry Dill Weed
LoveLikeHateTry Dill Seed
LoveLikeHateTry Fennel Seed
LoveLikeHateTry Cumin
LoveLikeHateTry Coriander
LoveLikeHateTry Cardamom
LoveLikeHateTry Smoked Paprika
LoveLikeHateTry Celery Seed
LoveLikeHateTry Chili Powders
LoveLikeHateTry Hot Curry
LoveLikeHateTry Sweet Curry
LoveLikeHateTry Cinnamon
LoveLikeHateTry Nutmeg
LoveLikeHateTry Ginger
LoveLikeHateTry Turmeric
LoveLikeHateTry Fresh Garlic
LoveLikeHateTry Black Pepper
LoveLikeHateTry White Pepper
LoveLikeHateTry Nutritional Yeast
LoveLikeHateTry Kelp Granules
LoveLikeHateTry Cayenne
LoveLikeHateTry Table
LoveLikeHateTry Kosher
LoveLikeHateTry Sea
LoveLikeHateTry Himalayan

Comments about Seasonings:

Fats & Oils
LoveLikeHateTry Non-GMO
LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Butter
LoveLikeHateTry Ghee
LoveLikeHateTry Canola Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Corn Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Ext. Virgin Olive Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Vegetable Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Sunflower Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Safflower Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Grape Seed Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Peanut Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Sesame Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Toasted Sesame Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Coconut Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Palm Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Flavored Oil
LoveLikeHateTry Shortening
LoveLikeHateTry Lard
LoveLikeHateTry Duck Fat
LoveLikeHateTry Margarine

Comments about Seasonings

LoveLikeHateTry Cane Sugar
LoveLikeHateTry Corn Syrup
LoveLikeHateTry Coconut Sugar
LoveLikeHateTry Xylitol
LoveLikeHateTry Sucrose
LoveLikeHateTry Agave Nectar
LoveLikeHateTry Maple Syrup
LoveLikeHateTry Honey

LoveLikeHateTry Organic
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Parmesan
LoveLikeHateTry Cheddar
LoveLikeHateTry Pecorino
LoveLikeHateTry Swiss
LoveLikeHateTry Mozzarella
LoveLikeHateTry Goat's Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Sheep's Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Feta
LoveLikeHateTry Muenster
LoveLikeHateTry Blue
LoveLikeHateTry Gorgonzola
LoveLikeHateTry Fontina
LoveLikeHateTry Monterey Jack
LoveLikeHateTry Gruyere
LoveLikeHateTry Ricotta
LoveLikeHateTry Brie
LoveLikeHateTry Raw Milk Cheese
LoveLikeHateTry Skim
LoveLikeHateTry 1-Percent
LoveLikeHateTry 2-Percent
LoveLikeHateTry Whole
LoveLikeHateTry Goat
Other Dairy
LoveLikeHateTry Cottage Cheese
LoveLikeHateTry Yogurt
LoveLikeHateTry Greek Yogurt
LoveLikeHateTry Sour Cream
LoveLikeHateTry Half And Half
LoveLikeHateTry Heavy Cream
LoveLikeHateTry Soy Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Almond Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Hazelnut Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Coconut Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Hemp Milk
LoveLikeHateTry Pasture Raised
LoveLikeHateTry Cage Free
LoveLikeHateTry Conventional
LoveLikeHateTry Whole
LoveLikeHateTry Yolks Only
LoveLikeHateTry Whites Only
LoveLikeHateTry Egg Substitute

Comments about Dairy:

LoveLikeHateTry Vegetarian
LoveLikeHateTry Vegan
LoveLikeHateTry Tofu
LoveLikeHateTry Pecans
LoveLikeHateTry Peanuts
LoveLikeHateTry Macadamia
LoveLikeHateTry Walnuts
LoveLikeHateTry Hazelnuts
LoveLikeHateTry Almonds
LoveLikeHateTry Cashews
LoveLikeHateTry Brazil
LoveLikeHateTry Pine Nuts
LoveLikeHateTry Pistachios
LoveLikeHateTry Sesame
LoveLikeHateTry Sunflower
LoveLikeHateTry Pumpkin
LoveLikeHateTry Chia
LoveLikeHateTry Poppy

Favorite Foods:

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List any other food dislikes, if not already listed:

List any known food allergies:

Dietary Requirements/Preferences:

Rate your preference for spicy foods:

Is it ok to use alcohol in your meals?
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International cuisine interests:
MexicanMiddle EasternItalian

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What are your favorite restaurants?

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