That rice cooker isn’t just for rice.

Did you know that you can cook other things, many other things, in a rice cooker? I didn’t, when I bought mine. I thought it would just be a nice time-saver for cooking rice at a client’s house and I wouldn’t have to babysit it, like I would cooking it on the stove. But since I’ve had it, I’ve tried all sorts of different grains in it and they all come out beautifully! I have successfully cooked quinoa, coarse bulgur, millet, wheat berries, and of course red, wild, brown and white rices. I have even cooked steel-cut oats in it and the oatmeal was awesome. Here’s the kind I have, Oster 14-cup Red, but I imagine they are all similar. Use the grain-to-water ratio that is appropriate for the grain you’re cooking, add a little salt and go. When it dings that it’s done, take it out immediately, because I have found that the warming feature is more of a burning feature and it will burn a good, thick layer on the bottom if you leave it in there. When it dings, I usually unplug the machine and take the bowl out with a towel, because it’ll be hot. I mix in a little butter, more salt and pepper to taste and often some frozen peas or grated carrot or zucchini. Next time you have a hankering for some grains with dinner, give it a try.