Do You Hate Brussels Sprouts?

I bet I know why!

If you are a hater of brussels sprouts, I would guess that you are above the age of 40 and your mother loved you very much! How could I possibly know this, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Up until recently, most Mom’s who wanted to feed their beloved children a nutritious dinner, would boil their vegetables to oblivion. A boiled brussels sprout is hideous! It’s bitter and mushy and would make anyone hate them forever! Fortunately, we have since learned that roasting vegetables is much better, because fewer nutrients are lost to the boiling water and roasting turns those bitter flavors into sweet flavors, making roasted brussels sprouts an amazing miracle to behold and eat!

So, my plea to you is to give those poor brussels sprouts another try! Just make sure to get them roasted this time!

Delicious roasted brussels sprouts!

Delicious roasted brussels sprouts!